It has been a while since I last logged in and I have forgotten my username.

If you signed up for your account before March 1st, 2016, then your username will most likely be your email address. After March 1st, 2016 usernames were not mandated to be email addresses.

How do I access the free Ocean Literacy course?

In order to access the free Ocean Literacy course you will need to sign up for an account. Every account receives access to the Ocean Literacy course and the Reef Sharks explorer series.

What are the system requirements?

A broadband internet connection and an up-to-date browser. Due to the size of the videos and interactives in the courses an internet connection of 12+ Mbps is recommended for optimal viewing. To view the full resolution 360° videos in the 360° Virtual Field Trips an internet connection of 60+ Mbps is recommended.

I used up all of my password attempts and am locked out of my account.

Your password tries will be reset every 6 hours or you can reset your password. If you no longer have access to the email on file or need access sooner please contact with your account email.

Can the courses be viewed on a mobile device?

Technically yes. We recommend viewing the courses on either a computer or a tablet, but the courses can be viewed on mobile devices.

I was able to access a course at home, but now I can’t log in at school.

Sometimes schools restrict internet access. If you are having trouble access a course on a school internet connection please email and your school’s I.T. department informing them of the problem.

I am trying to log back into my account, but am getting the error “Invalid login, please try again”.

The login page you are seeing is for I.T. access to the courses. To log back into your account you can go to

I am interested in purchasing a course, but don’t live in the United States.

Great! Our payment system accepts all forms of currency and as long as you meet the system requirements you will be able to enjoy any of the courses! Also, we have partnered with SSI, one of the largest diving certifying organizations in the world, to offer a select number of courses in various languages. For more details please email

I'm a Special Education teacher and my students require features not always available with online platforms, what course features do you provide?

For an overview of the features included in every course and a list of screen readers for most platforms on the Accessibility page.